Hi my name is Angela, I am wife to my great husband, mom to my three great kids,
and also mom to my four legged kids! As a kid I dreamed of being a OB doctor, I was
fascinated with the whole birth process. But instead decided to have a family. Each
litter that is born I feel I am achieving my passion seeing little babies being born.
This journey started 10 years ago, my sons wanted a labradoodle to hunt with. When
I saw the prices I was discouraged then I realized I had what it took to make them! My
sons had their AKC labs and my friend had an AKC standard poodle. We had them
checked out and cleared by my vet and had our first litter, and BAM I was hooked. I
have never believed in anything more except my faith and love for my family.

This breed is absolutely AMAZING! We live in beautiful Southern Oregon on 5 acres.
Our dogs have plenty of room to run and play. Our number one goal is the health of
our puppies and adults, and number two goal is SOCIALIZATION, which starts at day
one. We believe that is what makes our puppies so special.
Angela Wilson
Southern Oregon
Telephone: 541-826-2862